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Nze / Ndubu-uzo A. Nnawuihe(Admirer of his courage.)
You are a true Iroko and as a courageous leader,
you will be greatly missed.
We will always love you by rewarding your good deeds,
May The Almighty grant you everlasting rest and may He
console your family at this hard period.
Rest in peace-Amen.
Mazi / Mathias Mgbeafulu(Fan)

I share with all our patriots the passing of this great son of Africa and an eminent friend of Igboland, President Omar Bongo Ondimba of Gabon.  It is our prayer that God grants him eternal repose as well as give his family and nation, Gabon the courage to bear this irreparable loss.


We all know how supportive Omar Bongo and his nation were to Biafra during the war.  Such kind hearted gestures are deeply appreciated.  As we mourn this great son of Africa and the world, it is my prayer for God to absolve him of all transgressions and rest him in perfect peace in HIS Heavenly Kingdom.  Eternal rest grant him o Lord and let his soul rest in your of divine Paradise.


Omar Bongo is a friend in need and a friend indeed.  We acknowledge how good he was to us (South Eastern Nigeria/Biafra) at the time of our greatest need (Nigeria/Biafra war 1967 – 1970).  Rest in Perfect Peace, President Omar Bongo Ondimba of Gabon (1935 – 2009).                       


Mathias Mgbeafulu                                                                                                                                      Igbo Detroit, Michigan, USA

Farewell Nwannedinamba! / Attorney Chris Aniedobe
Any Igbo group or Igbo person who fails to offer heart felt condolences for the number one Nwannedimba in all of Igbo history - would be seriously remiss. In fact, it would be an nso ani worthy of ikpu alu or guilt offering if you prefer.
I am talking about the indomitable and sadly deceased Albert Omar Bongo. When starvation was visited on Biafran children; when the entire world turned a bling eye to the genocide directed at Umu Igbo, Omar Bongo reached out to UmuIgbo in a manner that leaves all of us eternally indebted.
Tomorrow, at 12 noon, on behalf of the Igbo League, and most certainly on your behalf, for and on behalf of the World Igbo Congress; for and on behalf of CISA; for and on behalf of IWA; for and on behalf of ASA-USA; for and on behalf of Enugu USA; for and on behalf of ISCA; for and on behalf of Anioma USA; for and on behalf of ABIA USA, for and on behalf of our many people too pressed by a thousand cares to care, I shall be at the Gabonese embassy to lay a wreath in honor of one who epitomizes Nwannedin amba. If you want to join me - please call or email me to coordinate. If you do not want me speaking for your group - please send me a warning telling me that you have not appointed me to say sorry on your behalf and that you will be making your own arrangements. Your warning letter will be most highly appreciated.
In all the places of the world wherever an Igbo man may be found, let each and every person observe a moment of silence and offer blessings for the memory of a man who stood between death and our starving children.  In every Igbo heart, let there be a memorial for Omar Bongo.  From the crowded streets of Ghanzhou to the plains of Brazil; from the frozen lands of Alaska to the hustle and bustle of Tokyo; from the markets at Idi Araba to the trading stalls at Onitsha, to the rice fields of Abakaliki, to the crowded classrooms at Imo State University; from the Nurses stations at US Hospitals to the Taxi stands at Johannesburg; from the Night Clubs of Paris to the Auto Auction houses in Houston; from the Government houses in AlaIgbo to the Luxury Bus Stands in Lagos; from the Hotels of Abuja to the streets of Obigbo; in the hearts of Igbo thugs and scheming kidnappers; in the hearts of looting Igbo politicians to the palaces of traditional rulers, let
our tongues cleave to the roof of our mouths if today we  forget the man who remembered us when the world chose ignore our weak limbs, our flatulent stomachs, our sunken eyes, our aggrieved spirits; our dying kids; our hapless mothers. 
If Bongo is not in every Igbo heart today, then let nothing else be found there. Umu Igbo, stir your hearts today - in all Gabonese outposts throughout the world, let UmuIgbo go in groups to pay their last respect to our great benefactor.  Let our memorial processions be bold; the flow of human traffic be disturbed; and inquiring minds be informed; let a statement be made to a world which we must not allow to forget how it allowed us to starve to death!
Fare thee well, son of our mothers, husband of our widows, father of our kids; farewell Nwannedinamba!  May your offsprings never lack food and may the spirits of our grateful kids usher you into the Lord's presence and may the good Lord be ever mindful of your good and courageous heart.


A dirge for Omar Bongo / Ike Agbor
A dirge for Omar Bongo 
 As I sing a dirge for Omar Bongo 
I remember the man who stood up for right when it was not popular to do so 
A man who opened up his habitat for millions of starving children 
A friend and a father who welcomed the buoyancy of hope for a black race that yearned for freedom 
A freedom sowed in the lonely Island of despair and genocide 
An Island though descried from afar but you turned it into an isthmus to save the dying
From the evil coalition of Anglo-Saxons and the Slavs and the slave masters of Arabia
And men who sought for annihilation and starvation and the strafing of the innocent 
And when I sing my melancholy dirge for you our friend,
The sons and the daughters of these wicked men still gloat at what you stood for;
They lace my upbeat and hopeful song with excoriations 
But depart in peace our dear friend with a smile as the omniscient eyes of your maker forever watch on the wicked! 
Ike Agbor
Tax Accountant / Paulinus Akosa
Adieu our good friend. You helped our Igbo people during the Biafran war, you provided food and medicine when all helps were blocked from reaching my people.
Some of my people would have perished from starvation were it not for your help. My parents were locked up or were in hiding in Cameroon during the war but my brethens in Gabon were protected and feed by you.
It is easier to condemn than to praise, but I praise you for what you did to us and to your own people.
Nigerians are living like second hand citizens in many countries and even in Nigeria but they made Gabon home and your own people prefer to live in Gabon than outside Gabon because you enabled them to.
You made expatriates to hire Gabonise whether they like it or not. This policy enabled expatriates to have respect for your people.
I was told by my people in Nnewichi that you adopted one us from the Onyekaba's family during the war. She lived with you as a daughter until she got married couple of years ago. You allowed her to get married to an Igbo man. (I can't confirm this)
May your gentle soul rest in peace. May peace and prosperity continue to prevail in Gabon long after you. Amen
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